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Seeking Help From an Accident Attorney Near You

If you’ve recently been injured in a car accident, you may be dealing with an overwhelming amount of stress and uncertainty. You have medical bills, vehicle damage, and loss of earnings to worry about – all while trying to recover from your injuries. This is why it is so important to seek help Seeking help from an accident attorney near you you who can provide the assistance you need to navigate this stressful time.

A knowledgeable and experiencansultation. They can also help you understand what your rights are in New York and how the statute of limitations works for filing a lawsuit to receive the compensation that you deserve.

The sooner you contact a NY car accident lawyer, the better. A good lawyer can help you compile crucial evidence and prepare your demand letter to file with the insurance company, as well as helping you negotiate a fair settlement. This is a very complicated process and it is hard to do on your own. Insurance companies have teams of professionals on their side that are looking to minimize your claim or deny it altogether.

Hiring an experienced New York car accident attorney early on can also prevent you from making common mistakes that could be used against your case in court. For example, it is always a bad idea to give oral or written statements to a representative from the insurer’s side, especially if they say that you are partly responsible for your crash. This is because your share of the responsibility will be reflected in your settlement, which means you will only receive half of what you would have otherwise received had you not admitted any fault.

Lastly, an attorney can help you figure out how much your non-economic damages are worth. These are the things that are harder to quantify and measure, such as pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, emotional distress, and diminished quality of life. Many injury victims underestimate the value of these damages, which can have a significant impact on their lives and their ability to function. A good lawyer will take the time to understand all of your losses and build a solid case on your behalf.

Finally, an attorney can help you get the financial recovery you need to put yourself back in the position that you were in before your crash. They can help you receive the medical care that you need, repair or replace your damaged property, and pay for any lost wages. If the insurance company fails to offer a reasonable settlement, an attorney can assist you with filing a personal injury lawsuit or even go to trial.

The car accident attorneys at Pasternack, Tilker, Ziegler, Walsh, Stanton & Romano LLP have experience representing clients in various types of motor vehicle accidents. Call them today to schedule your free consultation!

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