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Video Production Companies

The goal of video production is to convey a message in a compelling, entertaining and effective way. This is why people seek out video production companies to help them create a piece of content for their business, brand or product that will connect with their audience and make an impact. Video production companies are a collection of creative professionals that offer all the services needed to produce a professional video from start to finish. These include video idea development, script writing, storyboarding, budgeting, scheduling, location scouting, casting, directing, cinematography, lighting and grip, audio recording and mixing, production design, wardrobe, hair and makeup, editing, color grading, sound design, motion graphics and special effects.

The first step in video production is to understand the goal, audience and context of the project. This will guide the decision-making process throughout the rest of the pre-production stage. For example, a wedding video is not simply to document a day – it’s about promoting a couple and their big day to their friends and family. So in that case, the goal and approach would be very different than a national Public Service Announcement.

After the strategy and creative approach are set, the next step in the video production process is to map out a schedule. This includes locking in locations, crew and equipment as well as confirming that all the extras required for the shoot are onboard. This could include things like additional lights, heating or extra power for monitors for VFX. It’s also important to check that any locations or spaces are able to accommodate the shoot in terms of availability, access and permissions.

Once the schedule is locked in, it’s time to get started with the actual filming. This is the stage that involves directing the actors or capturing footage. This can be a very busy and challenging phase, but it’s where the magic happens and the vision comes to life.

Often, the camera, microphone and lighting are the most obvious pieces of equipment that need to be sourced for the shoot. But there may be other items that are required, depending on the project. For example, a company video might require interviewing employees or clients to show the human side of the business. This might involve hiring professional actors, but it could also be done on a tight budget by using existing employees and customers.

It’s important to consider the varying roles of the talent on-screen during this stage as they will all contribute to the final outcome. The best way to find the right talent is to draw inspiration from other videos that have successfully tackled similar subjects. This will help to keep the tone and style consistent with what you’re trying to achieve.

As a result, it’s common for production companies to have dedicated casting departments that focus on finding the right fit for each role. For larger companies, this is a full-time job and can be one of the biggest aspects of their video production services.

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