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Device Fingerprint SDK

An effective device fingerprint SDK needs to be able to accurately identify multiple attributes of a mobile device. These attributes include hardware (memory, CPU, GPU), software settings, and behavior patterns. It also needs to be able to detect emulators, fake or spoofed devices, and other indicators of fraud.

Building such a comprehensive, robust, and scalable solution in-house requires a wide range of technical skills. This includes expertise in programming languages, data collection and analysis, signal processing, machine learning, and cybersecurity. Acquiring and maintaining this multifaceted skill set can be expensive and time-consuming, making in-house device fingerprinting a challenging endeavor for many businesses.

Our device fingerprint SDK provides an easy-to-use API that enables developers to rapidly integrate and deploy a device risk detection solution. It automatically collects and analyzes a multitude of unique device attributes to generate an accurate and stable device fingerprint hash, and it stores this hash in a cloud-based database. This data can then be retrieved at any point for real-time risk assessment or user authentication.

To generate a device fingerprint, the API first gathers information about a device’s hardware and software components using low-level OS calls. It then identifies and classifies the operating system, the device browser, and other software programs. For example, it will identify a browser’s version number and determine which plugins are installed. It will then extract data on a wide variety of other characteristics, including screen resolution, touch support, installed codecs, and more. The resulting hash is then compared with the existing device fingerprint database to identify matches and flag suspicious transactions.

This process is then repeated for each new device that connects to the business server. Using this fingerprint, the API can then return the corresponding risk score for the requesting device. This score can then be analyzed to trigger alerts and other automated responses that can help reduce fraud and ensure compliance.

Whether you are a payment service provider looking to prevent transaction fraud or an e-commerce store trying to protect your users’ sensitive data, our device fingerprint SDK is the perfect solution. Its wide coverage, stability, security compliance, and ease of deployment enable you to quickly and easily protect your customer journey with confidence.

We are committed to the highest standards of security and compliance, including GDPR, CCA, PCI DSS, ISO 27701, and more. Our fingerprint SDK is developed, validated, and maintained in accordance with these strict requirements, guaranteeing the safety of your customers’ data. In addition, we offer a SaaS deployment model that dramatically reduces integration costs and enables fast, hassle-free device risk assessment. Contact us for more information or get started today! Our team is standing by to discuss how you can leverage the power of the TrustDevice device fingerprinting SDK for your business.

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