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What Are Window Blinds and Shades?

The right window blinds or shades can transform a room. They can add a clean and polished look, control light and privacy, and even help lower energy costs. But with so many options, choosing the best ones can be confusing. Whether you want a simple functional style or a more intricate design, there are a variety of materials, colors and features to choose from. To make the decision easier, consider a few key points:

What Are Window Blinds?

Blinds are hard window treatments composed of a series of slats, often made from wood or faux-wood but also from metal, woven bamboo, and composite materials. They’re usually operated with a pull cord and can be tilted up or down. They can be raised for a full view or lowered for more privacy and to block out sunlight. They’re usually installed inside a window frame and can be either inside-mounted or outside-mounted, depending on the installation space.

Shades, on the other hand, are soft window coverings that come in a wide range of fabrics. They’re designed to be pulled up or down and can be adjusted to the height of your windows. They’re available in a variety of opacities, from sheer to room-darkening. They can be raised or lowered for a full view or lowered to block out the sun and are usually installed inside the window frame.

The difference between shades and blinds Calgary Custom Window Coverings is that shades are usually softer, more flexible and visually lighter in appearance. They can be a good option for homeowners who want to reduce the amount of sunlight in a room, especially in warmer seasons. Shades can also prevent furniture and carpet from fading due to prolonged direct exposure to the sun.

Some popular styles of shades include Roman or pleated. Both have horizontal fabric pleats that fold neatly when the shade is open and they’re typically installed with a privacy liner to create a uniform and sleek look. They come in a variety of textures, patterns and color and come in opacities like sheer, room-darkening or light-filtering.

A few other popular styles of blinds include Venetian and cellular shades. Venetian blinds have a classic look with slats that are raised and lowered using a cord, while cellular shades are more streamlined with a lift system that lifts the entire shade at once. Finally, shutters are another great option for homeowners looking for a traditional and classic look. They’re usually a bit more expensive than other types of blinds, but they can be very functional by providing plenty of privacy and blocking out the sun. They can also be more difficult to operate than other types of blinds.

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